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Slimmed-down Jennifer Hudson reveals she still eats chocolate every single day reporters

Published 05/12/2012 | 14:19

Jennifer Hudson has shed over 80 lbs on Weight Watchers.
She admits her fiancé David Otunga is even stricter than she is about what he eats.

SHE has shed over five stone through slimming and diet control, but singer Jennifer Hudson has revealed she still gives into her chocolate habit everyday.

The singer is the public face of Weight Watchers in America, and says she still manages to stay in shape and keep the weight off, despite her sweet tooth.

The Dreamgirls star, who came to fame in 2004 on American Idol, told the new issue of Lucky magazine in the US: “You have what you’re craving. Chocolate is what I love — I have it every day.

“The first time I was asked to lose weight, I was like, “What??” Where I come from, I was never considered particularly heavy.”

The 31-year-old who has lost over 80 lbs on the Weight Watchers programme, went from a size 16 to a size 6 since giving birth to her son David three years ago.

She even admits to now eating pizza, just once it’s part of her points allocation:

“Before I started Weight Watchers I hadn't had pizza in over 10 years because I had the diet mentality which clearly did not work.

“Now I have pizza all the time. I have whatever I want, it's just how to have it.

Hudson admits that having someone at home who is also careful about their diet really helps, and that her fiancé David Otunga is even stricter than she is about what he eats.

“Cheating for him is like, one chicken wing, instead of skinless chicken breast! He is like, no carbs; he only uses two or three seasonings, total, ever. He really understands.”

Jennifer was recently joined by Jessica Simpson as an ambassador for Weight Watchers, but with Simpson now pregnant with her second child, her endorsement is currently on hold.

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