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Leona Lewis admits she has followed 'every kind of diet'

Published 02/01/2013 | 10:23

Leona now lives in Los Feliz in California.
Leona says she is accepts her body shape and weight as it is.

The former X Factor winner admitted that in the past, she has slimmed down too much and sparked her mother's concern.

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But the Trouble star, 27, added that as she's grown older she's learnt to accept her natural shape.

"I've done every kind of diet. When I was in my late teens I was a size eight (and I'm 5ft 8in) and thought I was fat and mum had to say to me, 'Don't lose any more weight.' Looking at pictures now, I can see I was sickly skinny," she told the latest issue of British Marie Claire. "[I have learnt] that it's OK to have imperfections. I feel confident in myself now and I'm looking forward to getting older, to a place where I don't care about what people think."

Leona also spoke about her experiences in image-conscious Los Angeles, where she has spent a big part of her career.

The star said she feels there has been a positive shift from the city's obsession with perfect bodies to a more health-conscious mind set.

"The whole being super-skinny thing is so outdated now; it's more about being super-healthy. When I first went to Hollywood six years ago, [I thought] 'I don't want to spend two seconds in this place, everything is plastic,' but it feels different now. I love Los Feliz, which is health conscious but reminds me of Shoreditch - vintage and full of hipsters."

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