Wednesday 23 August 2017

Leading ladies who are over 50 and fabulous

Hollywood's leading ladies swear by exercise to keep their star shining.

Jane Fonda (71)

The famed fitness guru's 1982 work-out video is still the biggest selling in the market. She says: "When it comes to looking good I owe 30pc to sports and nutrition, 30pc to genes, 30pc to good sex and the remaining 10pc is thanks to my plastic surgeon."

Helen Mirren (64)

The award-winning actress says she has a lazy attitude to keeping fit but swears by Canadian Airforce Exercises -- a five-step routine of stretches and on the spot running that can be done anywhere and only takes 15 minutes.

Andie Macdowell (51)

She may be a spokesmodel for L'Oreal but the wrinkle-free actress thanks hours on her bike, pumping iron and doing yoga for maintaining her youthful good looks.

She reveals: "Exercise is the most important factor in looking young, if I don't exercise every day, I'm disappointed."

Madonna (51)

Self-confessed fitness junkie, Madonna rarely does less than two hours a day, working in the gym, on her Stairmaster, Power Plate, swimming or practising Ashtanga yoga.

She says: "My body is an important instrument, working out helps my singing."

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