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Monday 1 September 2014

Karl Henry: 30 thoughts for 30 days

Reduce your stress levels and improve well-being by following these simple tips for a happy life

Karl Henry

Published 13/08/2013 | 05:00

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Karl Henry urges people to reduce their stress levels and improve their well-being

TODAY I thought I would bring you something a little different, as I like to do every now and again. This is another of those columns that I recommend pulling out and sticking on the fridge or on your desk as subliminally you will pick up so much from it by just looking at it when you're passing by. Try to do one of the tips each day.

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Health is a multifaceted area, covering physical and mental well-being.

Health to me is something that will help to enhance your life while doing something that you enjoy.

Here are 30 tips that I feel will make a big difference to your life. Some are obvious and some are a little surprising . . .

1 Never stop dreaming. Dreams lead to goals, giving you a purpose in work, life and health.What is your dream today?

2 Eat a kiwi a day. Kiwis are full of digestive enzymes and vitamins.

3 Take a 30-minute walk on your lunch break, it will help you de-stress, release endorphins and improve your productivity.

4 Have a TV-free day; read a book or magazine instead.

5 Avoid negative people today and watch how much more enjoyable your day is.

6 Do one thing today that you hate doing, and make it the first thing you do.

7 Make a list. Lists are fantastic for helping you get through all your needs.

8 Lift some weights. Do some press-ups or any weight-bearing exercise to improve your muscle tone, reduce your stress levels and feel good.

9 Turn your phone off for an hour. Have an hour for you where no one can contact you.

10 Ring someone today who you haven't heard from for ages but have been meaning to ring. Talk to them and catch up. Even if it's someone who you feel should ring you, why not call them first?

11 Are you happy today? If not, then why? What's causing the sadness? And what can you do about it?

12 Log on to today and register for your next event and get training towards it.

13 In order to succeed, you must commit and make sacrifices to get to that goal. What sacrifices are you prepared to make to ensure you achieve the goal?

14 Treat yourself today; you have worked hard, trained hard and deserve a pat on the back. Use it to reward yourself for all your hard work.

15 Do something today that scares you. As we get older, fear stops us from doing so much; throw caution to the wind today and just do it.

16 Do a new exercise in the gym. Bodies react to change and you need to change your routines to ensure you get the results you want.

17 Drink at least two litres of water a day. By drinking water, you flush the body of toxins, clear your skin and keep yourself hydrated.

18 Don't use the microwave today. Microwaves are bad for your digestive health and food is better cooked naturally. If you have digestive problems then try this and see what difference it makes.

19 Don't use Facebook or Twitter today. I believe social media drains your energy, lowers your mental productivity and just becomes addictive. Take a day off social media, live life and realise that no one really wants to know what you had for lunch or where you are having it.

20 Tell someone important to you that you love them. It's hard to say sometimes but will spread so much happiness.

21 Surprise someone with a random act of kindness. Pay for someone next in the queue, hold open a door or give something to someone you don't know. It's simple but an incredibly powerful act of kindness.

23 Book a weekend away: Ireland is full of fantastic B&Bs and hotels so why not book one for a break? Reduce your stress and refocus on life; you can even set some goals.

24 Do some squats. The legs are such a big part of the body, they can react the quickest to training and release large quantities of endorphins.

25 Declutter your home. Time for a spring clean – this will make it easier to focus on your life, work and health.

26 Plan your week. By planning your week, you are maximising your time and committing to what is important to you.

27 Try some yoga. Stress increases the tension in the body and yoga can be fantastic to loosen the tension out and increase your well-being.

28 Clean your car. Cleaning the car is a great way to focus your thoughts and stress, delivering huge satisfaction when it's finished.

29 Draw a line in the sand. If something is bothering you or getting you down, then why not decide today to put it behind you and move on?

30 Have fun. Life is short so why not have fun along the way? If you're not having fun, then you need to decide what changes you need to make.

These tips are simple and easy to follow but have a big, big effect on your health, in many different ways.

Try them and see what difference they can make.

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