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Thursday 2 October 2014

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Published 22/01/2013 | 06:00

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Daniella says she loves coconut oil. It's great for your skin and hair and for your insides.

Daniella Moyles reveals what keeps her healthy and happy

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Vital Vitamins

A multivitamin and fish oils are my winter essentials, and I also take an extra vitamin D supplement on top of that to compensate for the lack of sunshine.

Boosted spirits

I'm a bit of a health junkie so on top of the ones I've already mentioned, I take a supplement called Biotin for hair, skin and nails.

I have a cupboard full of milk thistle, echinacea, acai and wheatgrass to take whenever I feel I need a boost.

N atural snacks

I snack on carrots and hummus, nuts and dried fruit, apple and peanut butter or some natural yogurt with coco powder. Sunflower seeds are yum.

On the menu

At the moment I eat five meals a day; breakfast , lunch, dinner and two snacks to graze on in between.

All my meals are made up of protein, fibre and fats with carbs added at breakfast and maybe lunch for extra energy.

A daily detox

I love coconut oil. It's great for your skin and hair and for your insides.

I also love quinoa. It's a great substitute for carbs because it looks just like rice or cous cous but is all protein. Aloe vera juice is also great, add one capful to a glass of water every day and it's like a daily detox.

Recharging batteries

This sounds kind of cheesy but every Sunday myself and my boyfriend have a day out. It could be anything from going to the zoo, or dinner, or the cinema or just playing board games.

I really look forward to Sundays all week and it's my cheat day too so having that target and reward keeps me motivated and then recharges me for the next week.

Feel the burn

I do a one-hour training session three times a week with my trainer Patrick Mackeogh at YourFitness in Deansgrange.

We do weights and kickboxing on Mondays and Fridays and then on Wednesdays I do his infamous underground training circuit which is a killer but so worth it.

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