Thursday 21 September 2017

'Guys my age are boring – many hit their 40s, get lazy and beer bellies – that's just not me'


Chrissie Russell

Dublin fashion blogger Nicole Spain ( looks great and loves dating younger men. But as she nears her 40th birthday she's not convinced everyone is okay with the cougar dating dynamic.

She says: "I feel a lot younger than I am. I take care of myself, getting microdermabrasion and my hair and nails done, but I think what's different now is that I'm doing it for myself.

"In my 20s I cared more about what other people thought but now I'm more confident, I've a different outlook on life and I'm more comfortable with who I am.

"I don't know if that confidence makes me more attractive. Perhaps to some people, but I think some people are intimidated.

"I find the 'cougar' label hilarious but there've been times, if I've been asked out by a young guy, where people have said 'watch out, she's a cougar!' and it's been said in a derogatory way.

"As much as I'm not bothered by what people think, I'm still conscious of not going out like mutton dressed as lamb.

"The guy I went on a date with recently was 28 and his attitude is 'age is just a number'. I think guys my age are boring. Many of them hit their 40s, get lazy, beer bellies and just want their pipe and slippers – and that's just not me at all.

"Sexually, I'm better matched with younger guys. You can have some fun with someone who's not falling asleep when you're ready for a bit of action!

"But if I brought a 28-year-old home, I'd have to lie about his age to my parents. They'd be appalled. I have a daughter who's 19 and maybe they'd think he was too close to her age. I think there's a generational thing there when it comes to attitudes about older women and younger men."

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