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Friday 21 July 2017

Deirdre's view

Deirdre says: "As someone who's constantly wishing away a few pounds but never doing anything about it, I'm shocked to discover that I may be undereating after all.

"But it definitely explains why I always seem to be a couple of kilos the wrong side of my dream weight.

"Tanked up on coffee and sugary snacks, my poor body doesn't know where its next meal is coming from and is clinging on to any excess fat for dear life.

"If 'you are what you eat', then opening your food diary to an expert is almost as exposing as the real thing. And, hands up, I deliberately gave Lynda what I thought would be a 'good' day.

"Like the overwhelming majority of the population, it seems I'm suffering from 'calorie delusion'. I know how many I should eat, but haven't got the foggiest how many I'm actually eating.

"Personally, I love the idea of putting calories on menus -- especially now that I've got 600 extra to blow!"

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