Wednesday 26 July 2017

Avoid the usual pitfalls

Legs & Bum

Don't: Keep your feet flat on the ground when tackling squats. It forces your bum out, making both it and your thighs bigger.

Do: Use a wedge to raise your feet slightly off the ground.

"Using a bar or keeping your hands behind your head also helps maintain the proper position," adds Pat.


Don't: Bend from side-to-side in a see-saw motion. "It can add about 3in to the waist and create a thickness," warns Pat.

Do: Twist as far as you can in alternate directions to whittle the waist down.


Don't: Lift weights that are too heavy.

"I'm not a fan of heavy weights for girls," says Pat. "It shortens muscles and ruins the shape of the arms."

Do: A 1kg dumbbell with exercises like the bicep curl can help banish bingo wings.

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