Sunday 23 July 2017

6 Ways To Get Festive Fit

Miracles mightn't happen but all is not lost
Miracles mightn't happen but all is not lost

It's less than five weeks to Christmas and the pressure is on. If you’re worried about fitting into your party dress this Christmas, follow these six fail safe tips.

Don’t believe the hype

The main thing is to be realistic. There are under five weeks left to Christmas so the likelihood of you losing dramatic amounts of weight, even by terribly unhealthy means, isn’t going to happen. Yet we’re going to be bombarded with lots of quick weight loss solutions over the next while. They don’t work: Fact. Focus instead on what you can do. A 3-5lb weight loss – which could mean a dress size - is perfectly manageable and could make all the difference between feeling great at your Christmas party or not.

Back away from the booze

Christmas can be a boozy affair. Give your liver – as well as your skin and general health – as much of a break as possible in the lead up to party season proper by abstaining from alcohol. As we all know, alcohol is empty calories as the body burns up the alcohol as energy before it turns its attention to the food you’ve eaten. And is it any great hardship not to go out when lots of fun Christmas nights lie ahead?

Do low carb – or variation of

Carbs, more than protein or fat, tend to make us over eat. While carbohydrate is necessary for the body to function, refined carbs and sugar are not. It’s been said that carbohydrates are addictive – whether this may or may not be a case, it is certainly more likely that you could eat five slices of toast than you would two steaks. In the lead up to Christmas opt for wholemeal wraps instead of your usual sandwich, cut out refined sugars in the form of fizzy drinks or chocolate and aim not to have dinners whose main ingredient is a carbohydrate, like pasta bakes or risotto. Easy? No. Worth it? Yes.

Do the maths

Try and keep an eye on what you’re eating, calorie count wise, and do some sensible substitutions. Coffee in particular can be a massive diet derailer, with a large latte coming in at over 340 kcals. Think about your snacking. Do you really need them? Nuts have become everyone’s desk nibble of choice but it’s important that you choose ones in their natural state and certainly not roasted or salted. Also, if you can’t moderate your intake of nuts, best to avoid them altogether. A handful of almonds is filling and also nutrient rich. A 150g bag of almonds comes in at over 900 kcal. Ouch

Move it

You don’t have to take up a Zumba class – although that isn’t a bad idea. Every little bit of exercise will help and is as good for you mentally as well as physically. Use the stairs, walk to work, get on a bike, do an exercise DVD at home. The ways of incorporating exercise into your daily life are endless.

Pick the right dress

Alright, this isn’t a diet or exercise tip per se but the right dress will save you endless amounts of grief. A ‘goal’ dress, which you hope to be able to lose weight for in time, is never a good idea. Instead, spend a little time finding one that that flatters and fits. Invest in control underwear if needs be – there’s no shame in that. Get your hair done that day. Smile a lot. Even if you haven’t lost the weight you’d hoped to, you can still look fabulous.

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