Thursday 23 October 2014

10 Best: New Year body resolutions


According to research, two thirds of us will ditch our diets today, so here is some inspiraton for you you with 10 of the best new year body resolutions to keep you on track
Thou shall enjoy exercise
"Exercise should be fun, so if you don't enjoy it, stop slogging it out and try something else," says celebrity trainer and founder of Twenty Two Training Dalton Wong, "getting fit doesn't mean simply getting to a gym, so think outside the workout box and include exercise like playing football with your kids or walking to work. Try too to get to know if you're a morning or evening exercise person, as that can be key to enjoying it." One of the best ways to inject fun into your body plan? Join a class say the experts, as working out in groups is more motivating than going solo say studies
Thou shall ease off on high intensity training
Too much leads to burnout and injury, "your body can only take so much," warns Wong, "just look at the professional athletes who have a season on and a season off, there's a reason for that. Our body can't go on and on and on getting fitter and stronger, so if you want to get fitter, firmer and stronger you have to take time off, however much you love high intensity training."

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