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Develop true grit in work

Published 26/04/2016 | 02:30

Resilience is a valuable asset in the workplace.
Resilience is a valuable asset in the workplace.

How do you develop true grit in the workplace? Building resilience helps us to better manage changes, challenges and competition.

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Irish management consultant Karen Maher, of Karen Maher Associates, who has 20 years experience in areas like workplace resilience training, advises:

• Visualise success - resilient people create their own vision of success. This helps them achieve their goals by providing a clear sense of their future direction.

• Increase your self-esteem - identify what you're good at. Remind yourself of these things regularly.

• Take control - resilient people are assertive and believe they can make a difference and can be successful.

• Be more optimistic - it's important to look on the bright side, have confidence in your own abilities, and salvage what you can from difficult situations.

• Manage your stress - be physically active. Eat healthily. Get a good night's sleep.

• Improve your own decision-making - resilient people trust their own judgement, but aren't afraid to change their minds.

• Deal with conflict - be calm and take a positive approach. Be patient, it's worth taking as much time as needed to resolve a conflict situation. Be respectful, by focusing on the issue not the person. Know when to ask for help - this is a strength and not a weakness.

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