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Warm smoked salmon on a potato cake with sour cream and chives

Georgina Campbell

Published 08/12/2007 | 00:00

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What you need

1lb (450g) potatoes, peeled and freshly boiled

2oz (50g) butter

2oz (50g) flour

salt and freshly ground pepper

12oz (325g) smoked salmon, trimmed and thinly sliced

A little sour cream

Fresh chives, finely chopped


1Thoroughly drain the potatoes, then mash with the butter until very smooth. Add the flour, salt and pepper and mix together.

2 Knead lightly and roll out to a thickness of about 1/2 inch / 1.2 cm. Cut into large circles 3-4 inches / 7.5-10 cm in diameter.

3 Cook on a heavy pan for two to three minutes on each side until golden brown. Place a potato cake on each of four warm plates and arrange the smoked salmon on top.

4 Place the plates under a hot grill until the smoked salmon is just warm.

5 Mix the finely chopped chives with the sour cream and then put a spoonful on top of the warm salmon. Serve immediately.

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