Monday 24 April 2017

Top 10 Trends at the Food Olympics

Pickled treats, black garlic condiments and beer infused jelly beans all trump the bi-yearly Fancy Food Awards in New York.

The Fancy Food Awards were held in New York City this week
The Fancy Food Awards were held in New York City this week
We hear 'Say Fish' at Irish Village Markets serve up a delicious black garlic mayonnaise
Pickled radishes
Fermented black garlic mayonnaise proved popular at the foodie Oscars
Smoked pickles were a big hit at The Fancy Food awards
Patricia Murphy

Patricia Murphy

Forget fashion week, The Fancy Food awards are where the real trends are set. Buffs from the food industry flocked to New York for the bi-yearly ceremony to taste and judge an array of innovative and exciting products.

The awards, which are often dubbed the Olympics of food, were attended by more than 25,000 industry insiders who munched their way through 180,000 specialty food products.

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Seemingly a heaven for gluttons, The Fancy Food Show yielded many gold winners whose products are set to influence what we tuck into this year. While a vegan gluten-free lentil crisp bread took home the top prize, exciting pickles, classy condiments and smoked sweeties also featured heavily.

Smoked sweeties

Smoked salmon, meats and cheeses are guaranteed guests at any food festival but smoked sweets featured heavily at The Fancy Food awards this year. From smoked chocolate chips to add to your baking cupboard, to smoke-infused cola bottles and gumdrops it seems sugar smoked indulgences are in some time in the spotlight.

Pickle up

It is a firm belief that most things are enhanced when brined in a delicious pickle but it has gone beyond the realm of pickles gherkins, beetroot and onions at this point. Fabulous pickled asparagus and dreamy crunchy pickles beans and carrots. Traditional pickled gherkins have also been given a makeover in boozey brines containing whiskey. If you fancy creating a pickle with a difference in your own kitchen, check out this banging recipe for crunchy pickled radishes.


Vinegary bevvies

The health conscious are boasting about the benefits of introducing vinegar into one’s diet and drinkable vinegars might just become a thing in 2014. While many sweet drinkable vinegars dominated the awards, those with a more bitter edge also proved quite popular. While not exactly drinkable by the pint, a daily spoonful of Apple Cider Vinegar from Llewellyn's Orchard in Lusk, Co. Dublin might do the trick.

Posh condiments

Although it’s doubtful that Heinz will take a hit, fancy ketchups and other condiments featured largely amongst the winners at the awards. Thai ginger, black truffle and roasted coffee ketchups made a tasty appearance at the awards and a sour cherry ketchup from Ohio also was a big hit. Black garlic mayonnaise was also gobbled up by judges. If you're based in Dublin, pop over to Say Fish at The Irish Village Market where we hear their own version of black garlic mayonnaise is to die for. Alternatively create your own tasty homemade ketchup in your own kitchen.

Say fish.jpg

Savoury yoghurts

Blue Hill savoury yoghurts have been knocking around the US for over a year, but their range were big winners at this year’s ceremony. With flavours like beetroot, carrot, parsnip, tomato and butternut squash all readily available to be scoffed, live in hope that an Irish company might take note.

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