Friday 28 April 2017

The World's Most Bizarre Food Festivals

As Limerick prepares to host the first Culture & Chip festival we take a look at the strange celebrations the world over.

Culture and Chips festival will take place in Limerick next week
Culture and Chips festival will take place in Limerick next week
Melon Festival, Chinchilla, Australia
Tunarama, Port Lincoln, Australia
Road Kill Grill, West Virginia, USA
Fellsmere Frog Leg Festival, Florida, USA
The World Pea Shooting Festival, Cambridgeshire, UK
La Tomatina, Bunol, Spain
Gilroy Garlic Festival, California, USA
Bugfest, North Carolina, USA
Patricia Murphy

Patricia Murphy

The upcoming June Bank Holiday weekend sees the launch of Limerick’s inaugural Culture and Chips festival, a celebration dedicated to placing the humble Irish favourite on a pedestal.

The quirky carb fest is a fun departure from other Irish food festivals on the menu as organisers prepare to crown the first World Chip Champion by the end of the weekend as well as play host to an abundance of other spud related fun.

Yet, the chippy carnival’s level of oddity does not compare to the strange line up of bizarre food festivals throughout the world with the likes of tomato diving, melon skating and sweet throwing staging as headliners.

These 8 strange food festivals baffle...



North Carolina, USA

Each year over 35,000 visitors flock to North Carolina to tuck into a buffet of insect infested dishes and to soak up knowledge of a wide variety of creepy crawlies. Festival goers with rumbling tummies can make a reservation in Cafe Insecta. This celebration is certain to make your skin crawl.

Cafe insecta.jpg

The World Pea Shooting Festival

Cambridgeshire, UK

The idea may bring on the giggles but the World Pea Shooting Championship is no joke to participants at this festival in Cambridgeshire, UK. The contest is simple... whoever can catapult a pea the farthest distance is the sure winner. An accolade which wouldn’t exactly overwhelm us with pride.

pea shooting.jpg

La Tomatina

Bunol, Spain

The term ‘paint the town red’ has a different meaning each August in the town of Bunol, Spain when residents begin to happily fling tomatoes at one another for an entire weekend. While normal festival revellers come home covered in muck, La Tomatina will have you drenched head to toe in tomato gloop. Fun, eh?

la tomatina.jpg

Road Kill Grill

West Virginia, USA

Although the idea of scoffing road kill for an entire weekend seems like the stuff of nightmares, it doesn’t stop hungry food festivalers visiting the annual Road Kill Grill in West Virginia each September. Who wouldn’t want to eat a taco filled with crushed armadillo? We hear they’re to die for.



Port Lincoln, Australia

This festival has been a scene regular for over 50 years, with burly men and women flocking to the beach to see who can toss a 20 pound tuna the farthest. The record holder is former Olympic hammer thrower Sean Carlin, but we think he had a bit of an unfair advantage.

Melon Festival

Chinchilla, Australia

Chinchilla produces a huge proportion of Australia’s watermelons so throwing a celebration in their honour doesn’t seem like the craziest idea. However, the line-up of fruity events including melon skating, melon tossing and melon bungee might leave visitors never wanting to lay eyes on another bleeding melon ever again.

Fellsmere Frog Leg Festival

Florida, USA

Over 80,000 are expected to head to this Florida based festival in 2015, destined to tuck into some juicy leaping pins. If frog legs aren’t your thing, there’s always the optional alligator tail a festival favourite.

Gilroy Garlic Festival

California, USA

Nothing is wrong with a healthy dose of garlic but expect to leave Gilroy California stinking of the stuff if planning on visiting their annual garlic festival. For some reason, garlic ice cream doesn’t seem like it is the sweet treat the festival cracks it up to be...

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