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The top eight things you need to scoff at Taste of Dublin 2016

Published 16/06/2016 | 16:39

A Trio of Harty’s Oysters,Naked ,Dressed and Blow Torched from Klaw.
Dish: 28 Day Dry Aged Sirloin Steak, Beef Dripping Chips and Béarnaise from FX Buckley
Chocolate and Strawberry Eclair with Honeycomb and Sea Salt from Marcels
Pichet's Crispy Hen’s Egg, Black Pudding, Pea Dressing, Tartar Sauce
Cured and Torched Mackerel with dashi braised Lettuce, Black Garlic Emulsion, fermented Radish and a Potato Crumb from Soder + Ko
Saba's Prawn Pomelo Mieng Kam
Lamb lollipop From The Green Hen
Strawberry Porter from Guinness Open Gate Brewery

It may be grey skies at Taste of Dublin 2016, but things are certainly heating up in Iveagh Gardens. The festival kicks off today and with more than 25 restaurants from around the country pitched up, there’s plenty of feasting to be done. Here are the top things you should splash your Florins on at this year’s festival...

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Söder + Ko

IITASTE June 20_8.jpg

Dish: Cured and Torched Mackerel with Dashi Braised Lettuce, Black Garlic emulsion, Fermented Radish and a Potato Crumb

Cost: 7 Florins

Head Chef of Söder + Ko Alan Graham was honoured with the best dish accolade at this year’s Taste of Dublin. The restaurant’s 24-hour aged mackerel fillet is blowtorched to give it a smoky flavour, and accompanied by a variety of cucumbers, fermented radishes, dashi braised lettuce, and a black garlic emulsion.

This is Graham’s first year at the festival and he admitted it was great news for Söder + Ko to scoop the top prize.

“This is my first year at the festival and I’m really trying to process the win. It’s great for Söder + Ko and I’m still buzzing,” he said.

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Dish: Crispy Hen’s Egg, Black Pudding, Pea Dressing, Tartar Sauce

Cost: 6 Florins

IITASTE June 2__9.jpg

Pichet’s Crispy Hen’s Egg is a festival favourite and once again appears on the menu at this year’s Taste of Dublin. The dish is a huge seller in the restaurant and chef and owner Stephen Gibson revealed that Pichet is sticking to its winning formula at this year’s festival.

“The whole idea behind taste is that you showcase your signature dishes that represent your restaurant,” said Gibson.

“A big dish for us at Pichet is the crispy hen’s egg so we have that on, and ready for everyone coming this weekend”

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Dish: Prawn Pomelo Mieng Kam

Cost: 6 Florins

IITASTE June 20_6.jpg

Scooping the second prize at this year’s festival, Saba’s Prawn Pomele Mieng Kam is a must-try in Iveagh Gardens this weekend.

Chef Taweesak Trakoolwattana is plating up the steamed tiger prawns with shredded roasted coconut, peanuts, ginger, shallots, lime and chilis with tamarind shrimp paste and a palm sugar sauce in the Taste of Thailand tent at this year’s festival.

The dish is a healthy and low-calorie option for those hoping not to lose the run of themselves and is a signature dish of Saba’s new restaurant on Baggot Street.

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Dish: Chocolate and Strawberry Éclair, Honeycomb and Sea Salt

Cost: 6 Florins

  IITASTE June 2__5.jpg

If you’re a fan of First Dates Ireland, it might be worth paying a trip to Marcels where a run-in with dreamy Maitre D Mateo Saina is definitely on the menu. Those looking for something even sweeter might fancy the restaurant’s Strawberry Eclair, which was made to compliment the festival’s signature porter.

“It’s chocolate buttermilk ganache, topped with freeze dried strawberries, strawberry gel, sea salt, and finished with honeycomb,” said head chef Matt Perry.

Will the success of First Dates mean Marcels will be mobbed throughout the weekend?

“We hope that the popularity of the TV show will bring some new customers to the restaurant,” said Mateo.

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The Green Hen

Dish: Lamb Lollipops

Cost: 5 Florins

  IITASTE June 2__3.jpg

A Dublin favourite, The Green Hen is definitely worth a visit throughout the weekend. Head chef Fiachra Kenny recommends the restaurant lamb lollipops, made with deep-friend confit lamb breasts and accompanied with Tzatziki and Harrisa Mayo.



Dish: A Trio of Harty’s Oysters - Naked, Dressed and Blowtorched

Cost: 6 Florins

IITASTE June 2_27.jpg

This is Klaw’s second year at Taste of Dublin and the Temple Bar seafood bar won’t disappoint this weekend. While the Lobster Roll remains an ultimate favourite, this year’s selection of fresh Harty’s oysters served naked, dressed and blowtorched are more than worth six florins.

“The oysters are Waterford oysters. They’re from the Harty family down there in the South East,” said Head Shucker Jamie Feron.

“They’re a bit saltier than usual because the currents are stronger. We’re serving them three ways; Naked, with lemon or Tabasco; Dressed with soy sauce, chilli, garlic and lemongrass, and Blowtorched with spinach butter and grated cheese.”


FX Buckley Steakhouse

Dish: 28 Day Dry Aged Sirloin Steak, Beef Dripping Chips and Béarnaise

Cost: 7 Florins

IITASTE June 2_13.jpg

A trip to FX Buckley’s provides perhaps some of the best value at Taste of Dublin and the restarant is once again showcasing their 28-day aged Sirloin Steak, served alongside beef dripping chips and béarnaise sauce.

“This is a huge seller in FX Buckley’s and béarnaise is one of our most popular accompaniments over all. We dry our steak for a minimum of 28 days, so you’re always assured a really great steak.”


Open Gate Brewery

Drink: Strawberry Porter

Cost: 5 Florins

IITASTE June 20_4.jpg

Taste of Dublin has partnered with The Open Gate Brewery, the home of experimentation and innovation at St James’s Gate, to create an exclusive Taste Brew. Created by brewer, Feodora Heavey, the small batch brew, ‘Strawberry Porter’ was inspired by an Irish summer. The Natural Bakery have used this porter to create some pretty delectable macaroons. Taste the brew, and various other experimental beers at this year’s festival.

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