Thursday 27 April 2017

Salty Savoury: The new trend in cocktails?

Take a look at some of the top savoury cocktails being lapped up across the waters...

Praire Oyster
Praire Oyster
Peg and Patriot has patrons lining up for their Marmite cocktail
Big Bacon
The Earl's Breakfast
There's Something Above Mary
Unfinished Business
Patricia Murphy

Patricia Murphy

Lushy Londoners in the know are sipping martinis laced with Marmite in new hot spot Peg + Patriot in Bethnal Green.

Marmite, the source of many debates, is being shaken with vodka and housemade dry vermouth to create the bevvie which has hip city livers commuting for a few sips these past weeks. It can be assumed that the offering is being received much like Marmite itself, with great love or detestation yet we can’t help but think we’d feel the latter if encountered.

Although certainly causing quite a stir the Marmite martini is not alone in baffling the world of mixology with similar savoury questionables this year. Cocktail bar hoppers are no longer happy with sickly sweet concoctions heavy on sugary liquers but instead are lapping up tipples ladden with vegetables and other cupboard staples.  These are some of tipples that have aroused our curiosity.

Prairie Oyster

Prairie Oyster on offer at 69 Colebrooke Row London combines tomato egg yolk, horseradish vodka, pepper sauce, shallots, celery salt, oloroso sherry, red wine vinegar and oyster leaf to create a shot like you’ve never had before served up in a seashell. Neck it like an oyster and weep.

The Earl’s Breakfast


On the menu in Manchester’s Elixir is The Earl’s Breakfast. The aptly christened decadent cocktail features smoked vodka, triple sec, lemon juice and Earl Grey syrup. The combo is topped with a spoonful of marmalade and a tiny square of cheese toastie is served on the side.

Unfinished Business

The Artesain bar in London’s Langham is a must-visit for any cocktail aficionado with its innovative concoctions continuously stirring up the senses. Unfinished Business, however, is a savoury tipple that arouses curiousity. Wood reserve, martini rosso, martini bitter and galangal essence are aged within a leather sack for up to a year before hitting the bar. The deeply aromatic combination is topped with a Spanish caper and a slice of chorizo making for a salty lip smack.

There’s Something Above Mary

The Bloody Mary is the traditional go to when battling a hangover from hell but Gloria Swanstons’ Kitchen in Melbourne really caters to those minding sore heads. The joint serves up a tangy tomato offering which is adorned with a delicious bite sized burger to combat both the shakes and the ravenous hunger post party.

Big Bacon

Big bacon.jpg

In London’s Burlington Social Club, vodka is infused with bacon, watermelon, tomato and lemon to provide a more than desirable savoury bevvie that will have you questioning your tastebuds as you dig your teeth into a crispy rasher after necking your tipple.

In Dublin

Fallon and Byrne are offering up a delicious ode to the late first lady Jackie Onassis in the form of Femme Fatale, a cognac, crème fresh and champagne offering. Meanwhile down the quays, new buzz spot The Liqueur Rooms has Giant’s Gate on the menu, a savoury choice which combines Black Bush, Guinness and cardamom pods. A bit heavy but dreamy enough if you can’t afford the airfare towards the Peg and Patriot’s Marmite delight.

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