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Craft beer drinkers can save more than €2 a pint if they shop around in Dublin city

Published 17/06/2014 | 11:43

Shopping around for craft beers can save you money
Shopping around for craft beers can save you money

CRAFT beer drinkers can save more than €2 a pint if they shop around in Dublin city, a Herald survey shows.

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The specialist beers made in small breweries offer customers a different range of tastes and alcohol strengths.

Two brands, Galway Hooker and O’Hara’s Pale Ale, have gained prominence in the market in Dublin.

Our survey found Galway Hooker for sale at €4.60 in Fitzgerald’s Bar on Aston Quay. At the weekend it goes up to €4.90.

But in the Old Stand pub on Exchequer Street, a pint of the same beer costs €5.80.

In The Temple Bar pub, the pint of Galway Hooker will set you back €6.95.


Martin Deegan of The Temple Bar said the extra cost charged on drink was used to pay for live entertainment for customers.

“There are 26 music sessions a week involving more than 50 musicians, so you really have to compare like with like in these things,” he said.

Ronan Brennan, sales and marketing manager of the Galway Hooker brewery said: “We sell at the same price to all pubs, so the difference in price is down to the margins the pubs want to add to it.”

Another beer growing its foothold on the market is O’Hara’s, brewed by the Carlow Brewing Company.

We found a pint of its Irish Pale Ale for sale at €5.30 in Doyle’s Bar on College Street. But in McDaid’s on Harry Street the same beer cost €5.80.

Better price consistency was found in the group of pubs owned by the Galway Bay Brewery, who make their own range of beers.

In the Dublin pubs from the chain, its Storm Port and Buried At Sea brands cost €5.50 a pint, while its other brands, Full Sail and Bay Ale, cost €5.10.

“By brewing our own beer and selling it in our own pubs we are better able to control price,” said Alan O’Reilly of the Galway Brewing Company.

Dermot Jewell of the Consumers Association said the difference between the prices of the beers was “startling”.

“We urge people to be more price aware. It amazes me how people can be charged so much extra for the same product,” he added.

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