Monday 27 March 2017

Five places to get a delicious hot chocolate in Dublin

Image: Bean and Goose Chocolate/Facebook
Image: Bean and Goose Chocolate/Facebook
Brother Hubbard/Instagram
Image: Insomnia
Image: The Sweetest Thing/Instagram
Image: Butlers Chocolate
Amy Mulvaney

Amy Mulvaney

Keep warm and satisfy your sweet tooth with these five places to get a delicious hot chocolate in Dublin.

1. Brother Hubbard, Capel Street


If you're looking for a haven to rest your feet in during the Christmas rush, Brother Hubbard is for you. Located on Capel Street, you can enjoy watching the world go by as you tuck into a hot chocolate.

Served as a cup of hot milk with a cup of hot chocolate ganache on the side, pour the ganache into the milk and watch all of your chocolate dreams come true.

2. Insomnia, locations around Ireland


While Insomnia may not spring to mind as somewhere to go to enjoy a decadent hot chocolate, you'll be pleasantly surprised to find that it is. Served with chocolate flakes, marshmallows and cream, this is one of the best hot chocolates you can have served and ready to enjoy within minutes.

3. Bean and Goose, Temple Bar Market


Bean and Goose is run by two sisters from Wexford who sell their chocolate at the Temple Bar Market. Try their Aztec spiced hot chocolate for the perfect balance of chocolate and spice to warm you up in winter. The market is open on Saturdays, so enjoy a cup while walking around the cobbled streets of Temple Bar.

4. Butlers Chocolate Cafe, locations around Ireland


Bultlers' hot chocolate is award-winning for a reason. You can choose from 11 variations of hot chocolate, including white, chilli and peppermint. Plus, you can choose another chocolate treat to take with you with each order - yum!

5. The Sweetest Thing, Bachelors Walk


The name of this café says it all - you won't come across another hot chocolate sweeter than what you can get here. The hot chocolates are like a dessert in themselves, with various toppings to choose from, as well as a pure Belgian chocolate shot for intense chocolate-lovers.

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