Wednesday 1 March 2017

Avocado with fresh crab and herbs

Marco Pierre White

Avocado with fresh crab and herbs
Avocado with fresh crab and herbs

Serves one

You will need

About 50g white crab meat

Lemon juice

Maldon salt

Extra virgin olive oil

1 avocado

Fresh herbs of your choice, to garnish


Season the crab meat to your taste with a drop or three of lemon juice, a little salt and olive oil. Carefully peel the avocado and slice it in half horizontally, so that you end up with a top and a bottom. Remove the stone and slice away the base so that the avocado bottom is flat underneath and can stand up on a plate.

Fill the centre of the avocado with crab meat and put the top half of the avocado on the crab meat. Using a pastry brush, paint olive oil on to the avocado and on to the herbs. Stick the herbs on to the side -- the oil should hold them.

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