Thursday 17 August 2017

Watch: Irish children talk about what 'Equality' means to them: 'Everybody should be able to love anybody else'

Patricia Murphy

Patricia Murphy

A new video featuring Irish school children sharing their thoughts on Marriage Equality has attracted much attention on social media.

In the video, created by Youthtuber, the children answer questions posed to them on equality in our society ahead of next month’s referendum.

“People that are not equal should just become equal because it’s just not fair,” said Benjy who sat alongside his classmate Bluebell in the video.

“Everybody should be able to love anybody else,” said Irish school boy Luke when asked about gay marriage.

“It’s not fair if they’re not allowed because it’s about equality,” said Benjy.

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Luke and Niall appear in the Youthtube video

“Who would want to be mean to another person,” asked Bluebell.

“It’s not fair when grown-ups tell us to be equal and they don’t do it,” the pair finished.

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