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Today FM's Susan Keogh responds to troll who thinks she 'shouldn't have a baby and a job'

Published 30/01/2016 | 09:57

Susan Keogh with her daughter Faith (4)
Susan Keogh with her daughter Faith (4)
Susan Keogh
Susan Keogh's daughter
Susan Keogh responds to troll on Twitter

Today FM newsreader Susan Keogh has penned an insightful open letter in response to a man who trolled her on Twitter.

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The man told Susan that he thought she shouldn't have a baby and a job and her response takes him to task over his opinion.

"Dear Brave Man," she writes, "I got your message. The one where you pointed out that if I missed my 4 year old girl so much while I'm in work, then I should just give up my job.  Or quit posting pictures of her, at the very least.  How had I not thought of that? So helpful."

Susan, whose daughter Faith is 4, goes on to explain why she works and how it works for her in some ways and does not in others.

Susan Keogh with her daughter.
Susan Keogh with her daughter.

"I work for many reasons.  I like my job. It's really important to me.  Not saving lives important, I get that, but it's important to me. I enjoy it.  It makes me happy & content.  And as a result a better Mom."

She explains that it's tough for both her and her husband, as they each miss important times in their daughter's daily life, but that she faces more backlash than her partner.

"I work Monday to Friday.  That's 5 days where my child goes to preschool & creche.  The icing on the cake - I miss bed time most nights.  Do you know how many people point that out to me?  Too many.  My husband leaves the house at 5 every morning.  He misses 'wake up time' every day. Guess how many people point that out to him?  You got it!  None."

Like many working mums, Susan reveals that she does feel guilty about time missed with her daughter.

"So I feel guilty? Every day.  Sometimes 10 times a day.  Do I want time to stand still at weekends? Of course I do.  But I work to provide a better future for my daughter. So when she's 16 & wants to go on the school ski trip I can say yes.  Of course I fear she'll turn around & say she would have preferred it if I'd been at home with her all of the time but I'm hedging my bets.  She'll pick the ski trip, right?  RIGHT???"

Another reason why Susan works, she says, is to show her daughter that she has choices in life.

Susan Keogh with her daughter
Susan Keogh with her daughter

"At the minute my baby wants to be a 'flower lady' when she's big, not sure if this means selling flowers or just wearing them.  I don't care.  I don't have a career to show her she can have one too.  She can do what she pleases.  And I guess that's why I do it.  I want to show her that she can make choices.  I want her to be confident enough to make the right ones for her.  I want her to choosehappiness."

Susan signed off by saying, "And when I addressed you earlier as 'Brave Man' what I actually meant to say was 'Tosser'."

Susan Keogh's daughter
Susan Keogh's daughter

The broadcaster has garnered hundreds of likes from people on Twitter who have also shared the letter and voiced their support.



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