Thursday 21 September 2017

Mum’s horror discovery as she finds six-month-old safety pin in little girl’s nose

Khloe appeared on ABC News with her mum
Khloe appeared on ABC News with her mum
Patricia Murphy

Patricia Murphy

An American mother’s horror discovery has gone viral online, after she found a safety pin that had been lodged in her child’s nose for more than six months.

Katelyn Powell, the mum of five-year-old Khloe, was baffled about her child’s constantly runny nose, which doctors mistakenly attributed to sinus problems.

The pair appeared on Californian station ABC7 News, where they spoke about the frustrating symptoms that could not be diagnosed.

“About six months ago, her nose just started running out of this one side,” the mum told the station.

The safety pin as seen on ABC News
The safety pin as seen on ABC News

“Green, green, green constantly and it stunk.”

Worried about the problem, the mum brought the five-year-old to three doctors, who prescribed antibiotics in an effort to clear up the suspected infection.

After six months, the cause of the problem was identified when a large disintegrating safety pin, measuring 1.5 inches, fell from the child’s nose.

“I was like, “Did you put this up there?” She did, but she forgot to tell me,” the mum told the station.

Katelyn revealed she doesn’t blame the doctors who failed to notice the large obstruction in Khloe’s nose as the child’s persistent symptoms have now disappeared.

The schoolgirl admitted there was "no way" she'd be putting inanimate objects up her nose in the future.

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