Thursday 29 September 2016

Irish children will eat up to 250 teaspoons of sugar this Easter Sunday

Published 22/03/2016 | 13:04

Easter Eggs
Easter Eggs

The Easter Bunny’s annual egg drop might spell great news for Irish dentists as the average child will chow down on at least 60 teaspoons this Sunday.

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New research has found that the average Irish child will consume between 60 and 250 teaspoons of sugar as they receive an average of five Easter eggs each.

According to, many parents admitted that their children will consume larger Easter eggs which can contain up to 50 teaspoons of sugar just in the shell.

Speaking ahead of the sugar rush, spokesperson Laura Haugh reminded parents that moderation is very important and urged the government to be clearer about the amount of sugar in products geared at children.

“While we know that chocolate is a treat that should be enjoyed in moderation, this kind of labelling would help parents in choosing an appropriate sized egg,” she said

The study found that just 15pc of children will get only one egg, and 44pc will receive between three and five. A third of Irish children will receive up to 15 eggs.

The average child will consume between 60 and 250 Easter eggs
The average child will consume between 60 and 250 Easter eggs

“The temptation at Easter to demonstrate your love for your family members in kilograms of chocolate is easily understood given the huge displays of affordable chocolate on offer at this time of year,” said Haugh.

“However too much of this kind of ‘love’ will actually hurt those you care about the most.

“We are currently on track to become Europe’s fattest nation y 2030 and all our Easter chocolate will certainly not help this fact.

“Children are the biggest recipients of Easter-themed chocolate at this time of year, with grandparents being the biggest culprits,” she said.

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