Thursday 24 August 2017

Ungrateful son's got no room to moan

Eleanor Goggin

I ALWAYS allowed my kids to "express themselves" with regard to the decor in their bedrooms. Basically, I was afraid of them and gave in at every hands' turn. So, many years ago, when my son stated his preference for black walls and a mattress on the floor as opposed to a bed, I acquiesced.

And then at a later stage, he slapped on a bit of white paint over the black and stuck up a load of posters -- Pamela Anderson, Sandra Bullock and the like. Nothing too risque. And then he went off to foreign parts and I was too weary to embark on a complete room makeover and left his room like a bombsite.

I did make a half-hearted effort to throw some stuff out and shove other stuff into corners and throw bedclothes over them. But it never looked any better than a squat. Until my daughter decided it was "mingin'", and tackled it with gusto. She painted all the wooden eaves a light green. The walls were painted a nice creamy colour. She yanked up the 25-year-old filthy carpet and we struggled down the stairs with it and then she spent hours, and I mean hours, scraping paint off the wooden floor and varnishing it. She worked until all hours of the night for two solid weeks. I put in a new bed and new bed linen and it was good enough for My Favourite Room in LIFE. Within hours of my son's impending return we had completed the make-over. Laurence Llewelyn Bowen eat your heart out, we thought

And then the little whinger came home and threw his toys out of the pram. He deemed it to be akin to a hospital ward. He bemoaned the fact that his manky carpet was gone. "You know I hate wooden floors" was accompanied by other such ungrateful utterances. There's a strong possibility that he will wake up in an actual hospital ward.

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