Monday 25 September 2017

Tips for parents at mealtimes

•As far as possible, try to control your emotions and vent any negative feelings away from your child.

•Set boundaries/limits on the behaviour that you will tolerate. Praise them when things go well.

•Enlist professional help so that you have a strategy. Planned meals at planned times are crucial.

•During mealtimes, appear positive and warmly supportive.

•Make sure that everyone else eats balanced, age-appropriate meals.

•Be aware that your other children may be experiencing the same grief, or feelings of jealousy over the amount of attention their sibling is receiving.

•Remember that their eating disorder is not your fault; neither is it theirs. Eating disorders are serious mental illnesses.

•The quicker eating disorders are caught, the more likely it is that sufferers will make a full recovery.

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