Friday 22 September 2017

The 'science' behind babies

l Pregnant women only feel around 10pc of their babies' movements

• Women are 5pc more likely to give birth on Valentine's Day and 11pc less likely to give birth on Halloween than in the two weeks surrounding those days

• Contrary to popular belief, babies can see distant objects

• Japanese women have the highest rates of morning sickness (84pc), and Indian women the lowest (35pc)

• "Ba", "Da", "Ma", and "Ga" are the first syllables that babies pronounce

• Babies yawn twice as frequently as adults

• Up to 50pc of fathers are thought to experience sympathetic pregnancy

• Older parents are less likely to have a son: 53pc of teenage parents have sons

• Good-looking parents are statistically more likely to have daughters than their less attractive counterparts

Bumpology by Linda Geddes (Bantam Press)

Irish Independent

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