Sunday 23 July 2017

Posh tickled pink

Donal Lynch

OF course the important thing is not the gender of Posh's unborn baby, it's that mother and baby are healthy. But if she had another boy, we'd still be suggesting divorce.

This might sound harsh on poor Becks -- it's not his fault really -- but Posh has gone too many years without a little mini Posh to dress up like an expensive dolly. The idea of poor Victoria having to put on a brave face about "another addition to the football team" when what she and the world wants is Posh Jr just brought tears to our eyes. Think how hard it must have been for her to watch Madonna groom a junior style icon, while Posh tried in vain to make a gaggle of boys look like stylish handbags. We have no idea what Madonna's boys even look like, aside from the fact that one of them is African. That's how insignificant males are in all this.

In fairness, Posh does seem to have tried other, non- pregnancy methods to sublimate this burning desire for an heiress. Her fashion empire meant that she had other celebrities as dollies to dress up. But it's not the same as getting someone young (like, say, at birth) and schooling them from the word go.

So we're very glad the new baby will be a girl. May she be happy, healthy and take her first steps in heels.

Donal Lynch

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