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Our young experts have their say on disney characters, with a few interesting favourites

Published 16/05/2011 | 05:00

We asked an 'expert panel' who their favourite Disney characters are, and why. This is what they had to say.

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"Lightning McQueen, because all his friends are racing cars and he goes really fast." -- Sam Gaynor, three

"Robin Hood, because I don't like the bad guys and Robin Hood gives all the poor people money." -- Max Gaynor, five

"Ariel, because I've always wanted to be her because she can swim and breathe under water." -- Talulla McKenna, six

"Rapunzel, because I love her long hair. I'd like to have long hair." -- Alexandra McKenna, three

"I like Rapunzel too, although I like her because she hit the man with the pot!" -- Poppy Kirk-Gillham, Five

"Snow White, because of her shiny black hair, white skin and beautiful red lipstick." -- Abbey McNamara, Five

"Belle, because I was very sad when the beast died and Belle kissed him and all this magic dust came down on him and he got alive again and then he was a prince and she married him." -- Kiera Legg, five

"Rapunzel, because she has lovely long hair."

-- Jess Courtney, three

"Lightning McQueen, because he goes zoomy fast."

-- Jay Courtney, four

"Princess Jasmine. She's not brave but she is pretty and she has a monkey called Abu."

-- Lia Lignini, three

"Woody, because he's funny, he's smart, I like his hat and he's nice."

-- Lucas Lignini, six

"Peter Pan because he can fly and he fights Captain Hook."

-- Jack Doran, FIVE

"Buzz Lightyear, because I have him and he's from space."

-- Ryan Boyle, FIVE

"Cinderella, because I like her crown and she has a fairy godmother."

-- Molly Doran, FOUR

"I love Eeyore from Winnie The Pooh because when we saw him in Disneyland I was terrified of him. He kept coming over and wanting to shake my hand. But then I started to love him when I watched him on telly because he's funny. He's always moaning and everything he does takes a really big effort."

-- Conor Duffy, SEVEN

"Buzz Lightyear, because he has wings and can fly and glows in the dark."

-- sean hanley, four

"I love the seven dwarfs. My favourite is probably Grumpy because no matter what good things happen, he always has something to moan about." -- Enya duffy, NINE

"I love all the 101 dalmations, as I love dogs." -- Doireann connelly, FOUR

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