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New mum opens up about being body shamed while pregnant

Published 06/07/2016 | 14:24

Revie Jane / Facebook
Revie Jane / Facebook
Revie Jane / Facebook
Revie Jane / Instagram

Blogger Revie Jane says the size of her pregnancy bump was commented on everywhere she went.

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Blogger and CrossFit trainer Revie Jane has opened up about being body shamed while pregnant.  

The new mother spoke about how the size of her bump was commented on everywhere she went, as at 24 weeks pregnant she “looked like a lot of people’s full term”.

Revie took to Instagram to share a photo from when she was 24 weeks pregnant and spoke about how she cried in a fitting room after a shop assistant compared Revie’s bump to her friend’s.

Revie Jane / Facebook
Revie Jane / Facebook

“I posted this after so many comments were thrown my way for having a massive bump,” she wrote.

“I was so fed up, even when I had tried on this dress and the shop assistant said ‘Holy moly! My friend is 36 weeks and you're only 24 weeks and you're WAY bigger than her!’”

“She repeated this to the lady in the next changing room to me. I cried while I tried the dress on.”

Revie, from Australia, went on to advise people not to comment on the size of someone’s  bump as each person’s pregnancy is different.

Revie Jane / Instagram
Revie Jane / Instagram

“I got it everywhere I went and it did make me want to hide away,” she revealed to her 117,000 Instagram followers.

“It's tough, you're carrying a human, your body is dramatically changing, more than you ever expected and then to rub salt in it, strangers feel the need to comment every time you're out in public.”

She added: “Here's a tip, don't mention the size of a bump. No ‘you're so big!'s’ No ‘oh! You're so tiny!'s’ Just say something like  “you look beautiful/ healthy/ amazing!’”

Since giving birth to her baby girl Lexington 11 weeks ago, Revie has admitted that she’s struggled to accept her changing body.

“I’ve found myself several times looking down at my belly. I caught myself feeling sad when clutching the loose skin that was once tight, unmarked and toned.”

“I tried to embrace and remind myself what it was all for but am left feeling so self conscious. I kept telling myself ‘you knew it wouldn’t be back to normal straight away, give it time,’ but it was still a shock and I do get upset about it. And that is perfectly okay.”

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