Friday 28 July 2017

Maia Dunphy on opting for an elective C-Section: ‘There’s an element of control and you can plan around it’

Maia Dunphy
Maia Dunphy
Patricia Murphy

Patricia Murphy

Maia Dunphy has opened up about the birth of her son Tom and said that a planned caesarean section gave allowed her to gain control over a situation which she was anxious about.

The television presenter welcomed baby Tom in July with husband Johnny Vegas and said the planned procedure suited her best due to her circumstances.

Maia Dunphy with husband Johnny Vegas and their son Tom.
Maia Dunphy with husband Johnny Vegas and their son Tom.

“I respect women who have babies full stop,” said Maia speaking to the Anton Savage Show.

“I had a planned C-section for lots of reasons which has its own difficulties and issues. There’s an element of control to it as well. You have a date and you can plan around it. In London, I didn’t feel I had the support of midwives. I didn’t know anybody yet and the thought of my waters breaking in a supermarket where I didn’t have anybody if Johnny was working would have terrified me,” she said.

Maia revealed that she would have probably had a natural birth if she had been living in Dublin after working with the Coombe Maternity Hospital as part of an RTE documentary.

“I think if I had been in Dublin I probably would have had a natural birth.

“The water birth suite in the Coombe felt so calming, caring and loving. If I was here I would have probably done this. But you know what? Tom is here, I’m healthy, he’s healthy. I recovered really quickly and I don’t have regrets,” she said.

Maia is currently based in London with her husband Johnny but travels to and from from Ireland for work often bringing Tom along.

“The first flight was terrifying when he was eight weeks,” said Maia.

“People are lovely though. Lots of really lovely women who are obviously commuting for work, their faces soften because people feel bad for you. It’s a baby. Actually he’s an angel.

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