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Friday 29 August 2014

Denise Calnan: One Irish woman’s labour for half a million to watch... but here’s why it was tasteful

Denise Calnan

Published 14/04/2014 | 14:32

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Anna Saccone and her newborn son Eduardo (Photo: Instagram/Anna Saccone)
Anna pictured with her daughter Emilia (Photo: Instagram/Anna Saccone)
Anna introduces their daughter Emilia to her new brother Eduardo (Photo: Instagram/Anna Saccone)

A home birth video… and nearly half a million people have already clicked online to watch it.

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It could sound somewhat vulgar to many, unnecessary to more, but this is the Saccone-Joly family we are talking about.

Making home videos is their livelihood and, although I’m not volunteering to share any of my own potential birth videos with the world, this one could convince you to film the moment.

Tastefully done, the Cork couple who are making a living from posting 15-minute videos of their lives to YouTube everyday, have already garnered 412,000 clicks in just three days on the video entitled ‘LIVES CHANGED AGAIN!’

A whopping 1.2 million people have watched the moment Anna Saccone and Jonathan Joly invited their first child, Emilia, into the world last year. Now, the numbers are still rising as they experience their new son Eduardo’s entry into the world.

It’s probably not something my granny could understand but, as televised births go, this one has been my favourite.

I’ll admit to being a fan of Channel 4’s ‘One Born Every Minute’ and RTE’s ‘From Here To Maternity’.

They’re obviously not shows I’d watch with the family after Sunday dinner, but I do enjoy the odd episode with a cup of tea and an emotional wipe of the eye. Perhaps it’s my naivety in not having had any children yet, but I find the whole experience fascinating.


Anna shows off her matching outfits with son Eduardo (Photo: Instagram/Anna Saccone)

Jonathan and Anna didn’t have a choice in whether they wanted to share their birthing video with the world – you wouldn’t have to be an expert in business to do the sums and realise that this was a ‘must’ for them to share with their global fans.

The couple’s biggest moments in their lives, their proposal, wedding and birth of their first baby, have all smashed the viewing figure records on their YouTube channel.

And this was an easy-to-watch, emotional video of two over-the-moon parents welcoming their second child into the world.

Camera focused on her face, the viewer watched a short clip of Anna in the latter stages of labour, encouraged by the staff of the CUH, to the soundtrack of a Neil Young-like melody.

Dad Jonathan cuts the umbilical cord before joking that ‘he did the hard bit’.


Anna introduces their daughter Emilia to her new brother Eduardo (Photo: Instagram/Anna Saccone)

For any reality TV-lover, it was the epitome of peeking into someone’s lives and experiencing one of their big life moments, without the drama and incessant-‘selfie’-ing of the Kardashians.

The couple may have had to share the moment with hundreds of thousands of fans worldwide, but when they want to relive that moment of joy, they can.

Next on Anna’s list will be to share where she got her Kate-Middleton-like matching blue polka-dotted maternity gown, pillow and blanket – I’m convinced there’s mums-to-be across the nation ‘Googling’ it right now.

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