Sunday 1 February 2015

10 best baby products


BT Baby Monitor 150: First-time parents worry about leaving their baby sleeping alone in the nursery. But monitors these days can allow you to feel when baby wiggles, or even watch your baby on screen, meaning very little downtime for mum and dad. This conventional BT baby monitor instead focuses on the basics; namely, sound quality, and a handy light meter indicates sound levels in the room. Still, this monitor still manages to pack in the features, including an inbuilt thermometer; polyphonic lullabys; and an MP3 plug-in to play baby your favourite chillout tunes. Where:
Grobag Egg: This colour-changing thermometer looks like an instant design classic, but it has a serious purpose. Temperature is a known factor in that great unmentionable, sudden infant death syndrome (cot death), so it makes sense to keep a check on things. The egg lights up in various colours to indicate the temperature range (blue for too cold, orange for warm, red for too hot, yellow for just right) while a digital display shows the exact reading. Doubles as a soft nightlight. Where:
Ecozone Moonlight Nightlight: This nightlight plugs into any household socket and offers a great light to breastfeed by in the middle of the night, while warding off any scary nighttime beings your child may fear. But the real selling point of this little gizmo is this: it can stay lit around the clock for an entire year for less than 50 cent. That’s what I call eco. Where:
MaxiCosi CabrioFix: An apt choice first off as this product is a legal requirement: you won’t be allowed to take baby home from the hospital unless you have a car seat. MaxiCosi has a near-monopoly on the market, as any visit to the maternity ward will tell you. But with its sturdy, highly regarded design – MaxiCosi was the first manufacturer to achieve the maximum score in the European child seat test – it’s clear to see why. The CabrioFix is available in all manner of colours to suit any car, but black reflection, above, is the understated, gender-neutral choice. Where:
Tummy Tub: This bath for babies up to six months old is a marvel of Dutch design. Created to ease the transition from womb to the wide world, its bucket-like shape allows baby to adopt the foetal position, making for a far more relaxed bath time. It’s a useful bath to take on a weekender, and it’s said to be in use on more than 150 maternity wards in the UK. Oh, and babies do look rather cute when peering out from inside the see-through tub. Where:
BabaSling: Out to challenge the dominance of the BabyBjorn front-worn papoose (made popular by Dr Evil and Mini-Me) is the BabaSling. This soothingly soft pouch is a great, handsfree way to carry little ones in a range of positions and it’s perfect for guys who want to have the bonding a sling provides without the ethnic sash effect so many companies go for. Apparently, carrying a child regularly in a properly designed sling reduces daytime crying by 43 per cent and night crying by 51 per cent. I like those numbers. Where:
Bambino Mio Nappy System: Many parents are put off reusable nappies by the thought of endless nappy buckets and the sight of their little ones running around with a huge bulge of terry towelling round their botties. Bambino Mio has ended the disposable/reusable debate with its award-winning cotton nappy system. A biodegradable nappy liner sits inside a cotton nappy, which is housed inside a stylish, velcro nappy cover that doesn’t need to be changed with every soilage. Even better, many local councils operate cashback schemes for parents who opt for Bambino Mio. Where:
EasyWalker Sky Buggy: This award-winning, Dutch-designed three-wheeler gets the nod for sheer simplicity. It weighs just 9kgs and folds up smaller than its tripod rivals. With the carrycot on top, it can be used as a pram– suitable from birth until seven months – which even doubles as a travel cot for the odd night away. And the canvas buggy seat, suitable until four years, poppers on and off the base frame and is completely washable. Already a top-selling buggy on the continent, theEasyWalker – available in chic army green – is about to make its assault on the UK. Where:
Brother Max Food Portioners: Deliciously simple. Fill one portioner with food straight from the pan, store in the fridge or freezer, clicking together with other pots; write on the side the description and pop out when necessary using the handy button. Simply throw in the dishwasher when done. The easy way to manage homemade baby food. Where:
Brio Sleep: This wonder of a cot will see your child from birth up to her fifth or sixth birthday. It starts life as a safe, comfortable, conventional baby's cot with three different base heights. Its removable sides mean it can also act as a day bed. Then it miraculously transforms into a stylish junior bed. With its slightly curved edges and stainless steel legs, it’s a design classic and, at around €200, that's a lot of bed for your buck. Available in three colours: white, natural/white and our favourite, Brio yellow. Where:

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