Thursday 29 June 2017

Top 10 Apps for the smallies

There’s no denying that technology can come in handy from time to time – especially when it comes to occupying early risers...

brother and sister with touch pad at home
brother and sister with touch pad at home
Paint Sparkles App for iPhone/iPad/Android
Lego Juniors Create & Cruise, iPhone/iPad/Android, Free
Lonely Beast, ABC/123 iPhone/iPad, €2.99/€1.99.
Funimal Phonics, iPhone/iPad, €0.89.
Kids Piano Lite, iPhone/iPad/Android, Free
Seek & Find, iiPhone/iPad, Free
Move the Turtle, iPhone/iPad, €2.69
Toca Hair Salon, iPhone/iPad/Android, €2.69.
Doc McStuffins: Time for your Check Up, iPhone/iPad/Android, €1.79.
Endless Alphabet, iPhone/iPad/Android, €5.99.

Kids love nothing more than to get their hands on your smartphone or tablet.

And while the experts say fresh air trumps computer games, there’s no denying that technology can come in handy from time to time – especially when it comes to occupying early risers. We’ve compiled a list of apps for the smallies that will entertain and educate.


Paint Sparkles

Device: iPhone/iPad/Android

Price: Free.

App 1.png

One of the top-selling educational apps, Paint Sparkles will appeal to creative kids who love to colour. It comes with colourful graphics, over 230 colouring pages, 20-plus crayon lookalike colours and 12 categories of drawing pages, keeping them occupied for a little while.

Lonely Beast

Device: ABC/123 iPhone/iPad

Price: €2.99/€1.99.

Lonely Beast, ABC/123 iPhone/iPad, €2.99/€1.99.

We featured Lonely Beast 123 in our What’s Hot section last month, but couldn’t leave it out this month. It’s been featured in Apple’s best for ages five and under list, and combines interactive stories with learning tools for families.

Lego Juniors Create & Cruise

Device: iPhone/iPad/Android

Price: Free.


Suitable for up to seven year olds, this is one of Lego’s many apps. It allows kids to build their very own Lego vehicles and figures. It’s bright and fun, and will get them building.

Seek & Find

Device: iPhone/iPad

Price: Free


An innovative, hidden objects game, Seek & Find allows kids to enter nine imaginative worlds, from the beach to the pet shop. Within each world there are three puzzle games. The app is aimed at improving memory, cognitive and vocabulary skills.

Toca Hair Salon

Device: iPhone/iPad/Android

Price: €2.69.


It may not be the most educational of apps, but it’s certainly fun and creative. The app allows kids to do everything from comb to colour hair. Just make sure you let them know that this kind of activity is for pretend only – to avoid any real-life mishaps.

Funimal Phonics

Device: iPhone/iPad

Price: €0.89.

Funimal Phonics, iPhone/iPad, €0.89.

A flashcard-style app, Funimal Phonics allows kids to learn about letters and sounds, and can be suitable for the younger of our toddlers (they say 18 months plus). It comes with both UK and US English accents, and is great for helping kids to pronounce their letter sounds.

Move the Turtle

Device:  iPhone/iPad

Price: €2.69.


Amazingly this app introduces kids to programming and coding – in a fun way. Aimed at five years plus, the app really does teach the basics of coding, so your children will start to see how to create computer programmes.

Endless Alphabet

Device: iPhone/iPad/Android

Price: €5.99.

Endless Alphabet, iPhone/iPad/Android, €5.99.

It’s a bit pricey but the Endless Alphabet helps kids to learn their ABCs while having fun with some very cute monsters. It’s very colourful, and comes with over 50 words, each of which has an interactive puzzle game, talking letters and a short animation.

Doc McStuffins: Time for your Check Up!

Device: iPhone/iPad/Android

Price: €1.79.

app 9.png
Doc McStuffins: Time for your Check Up, iPhone/iPad/Android, €1.79.

We here at Mothers & Babies are fans of Doc McStuffins, and this app doesn’t disappoint. It allows kids to carry out checkups on their patients, solve which toys have ‘mixupitis’ (where all their parts are mixed up), and use the virtual stethoscope, otoscope and X-ray.

Kids Piano Lite

Device: iPhone/iPad/Android

Price: Free.


Okay, this app may not be the best if you want some sleep, but budding Mozarts will love it. It has an eight-tone piano, and kids can even play sheet music.


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