Wednesday 20 September 2017

Fee-paying schools still sending most students on to third level

Katherine Donnelly

Katherine Donnelly

FEE-paying schools continue to dominate entry to third-level education, according to a breakdown of who goes to college published in a special supplement with today's Irish Independent.

The elite group of 56 schools, with typical day-pupil fees of €5,000, send all or most of their students to college.

That is also matched by many schools in the free-education system, the 2011 college entry figures show.

However, a class divide leaves many schools in disadvantaged areas at the low end of the table.

But fee-paying schools are going to suffer in the Budget. A cut in teacher allocations next year will hit the fee-paying sector more than others.

Education Minister Ruairi Quinn is under pressure to reduce the €100m subsidy fee-paying schools receive every year in teacher salaries.

It means that, next year, fee-paying schools will be allocated one teacher for every 22 pupils, compared with 20 at the moment.

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