Saturday 23 September 2017

Are you ready for the Leaving Cert and Junior Cert?

ExamBrief, the Irish Independent's essential seven-part weekly exam guide, published in association with Yeats College, starts tomorrow, January 15, and continues every Thursday until March 5.

Part 1 is a 32-page guide to Leaving Certificate Maths revision for Higher and Ordinary levels, with expert advice and invaluable sample questions and answers. Don't miss the remaining issues, which will cover the following topics:


✤ January 22 - Languages (English, Irish, French)

✤ January 29 - Science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics)

✤ February 5 - Business and Finance (Economics, Accounting, Business)

✤ February 12 - Other subjects (History, Geography, Home Economics)


✤ February 26 - Junior Cert 1 (Maths, Ordinary level, English, French, History, Geography)

✤ March 5 - Junior Cert 2 (Maths, Higher level, Irish, Business, Science, Home Economics)

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