Tuesday 25 July 2017

Dramatic moment boy saves his baby brother from lethal changing room table fall

Joseph Levi caught his brother before he fell from a height
Joseph Levi caught his brother before he fell from a height
Independent.ie Newsdesk

Independent.ie Newsdesk

The scary moment a little boy saved his infant brother from crashing to the floor from a high changing room table has been captured on camera and shared to warn other parents of the dangers of leaving babies unattended.

The footage, captured on a surveillance camera in the children’s bedroom, shows nine-year-old Joseph Levi (9) rushing to catch the baby, who tumbled head-first from a height towards the floor.

The video of the Florida based family was shared by American news-agency ABC 7 on their Facebook page, to highlight just how lucky mum Tila Levi was to have had an extra pair of eyes on the baby.

Speaking to WSVN News in Miami, Tila, said: “I was just getting everyone ready for bed. I was home alone with the five kids, and at first I said, ‘I messed up. I did something wrong, but then I realised that, really, it was a miracle. I must have done something right to have been deserving of this little guy, running in at the right time and catching him at the right moment.”

“I just said to him, ‘You just saved your baby brother. You saved his life. You’re a hero,'” said Tila.

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