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Can this Irish laundry app really iron out the creases in my life?

Published 12/08/2016 | 12:50

Donal Corkery tested out the new Laundrie app: Stock Image
Donal Corkery tested out the new Laundrie app: Stock Image

We test out new dry-cleaning app Laundrie to see if it can change our indifference to ironing.

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Since I began my washing career at 14, I have never been a man for ironing.

Donal Corkery tested out the new Laundrie app: Stock Image
Donal Corkery tested out the new Laundrie app: Stock Image

It’s not that I’m particularly lazy, but more that I’m a prioritiser of time and an afternoon of ironing a pile of shirts isn’t usually on my to-do-list. I don't think I am the only guy who’s like this either. In college, I once received a top tip from a friend who advised me to ‘Hang your shirt on the rail and stick it into the shower on full heat while you’re finishing your last can’ and it’s been a loose guideline that I’ve followed ever since.

I freelanced in my mid-twenties so I spent a lot of my time roaming around in t-shirts, rarely having to don an actual shirt. It was only when I landed this office job that I began to realise the value that people place on a crisp appearance. To be honest, I wouldn’t pay any notice to a creased shirt, but I began to get tongue-in-cheek comments from my friends at work about my ironing skills - or lack thereof.

These comments, as tiresome as they became, were obviously not worthy of a HR complaint, so I decided to take up the chance to try a new app that promised to iron the creases out of my life.  When the chance to trial the service came up, my colleagues thought it would be the opportunity of a lifetime for me.

The app, Laundrie, allowed me to test out the new service and promised to collect my shirts in preparation for the week ahead. The handy thing, I found, was that they collect at your door, where ever you may be in Dublin at a time that’s convenient, which was great for someone on shift work like me.

I packed away the usual shirts for the week, as well as a two piece suit using the app. To really test them, I also sent off my favourite jumper, which tragically had been stained by some stray kebab or another a few weeks prior.

In terms of use, I found the app really easy to use, and my items were returned to me within 48 hours. I think, for me, the app would work great for more formal items like my suit which I wouldn’t necessarily need in a hurry, because unless you pack off your shirts on a Friday evening or Saturday morning, you’re unlikely to have them for Monday morning when you actually need them. Saying that it’s only €13 to get your five shirts done, so if you worked in a professional environment, it would suit you, although you must spend over €20 in order to avail of free delivery.

My colleagues certainly noticed my new crisp look and didn’t hold back from commenting either, which is funny.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t expect app to provide miracles, and the pesky stain on my favourite jumper proved that it wasn’t going to budge.

Donal Corkery tested out the new Laundrie app: Stock Image
Donal Corkery tested out the new Laundrie app: Stock Image

I think I will definitely use the app in the future but a speedier turn around would make it particularly ideal. Although I tested out the service free of charge, the price is on the button, and it did instill in me an appreciation of an ironed shirt and the office status that comes with it. While Laundrie may not have made miracles happen on my kebab-stained jumper, it certainly performed miracles on me- I’ve even dusted off my own iron but I think  it will take me a few years to ever get them as crisp!

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