Wednesday 18 October 2017




4. Which country will face England in the opening game of the Rugby World Cup on Friday? (4)

6. What do you call the thin board held by an artist which is used to mix paints? (7)

8. Which business term describes a product that provides a steady source of income for a company? (4,3)

9. Mutt's partner. (4)

10. Belfast's main GAA stadium in named in whose honour? (8)

13. George Orwell wrote The Road to Wigan ____. (4)

14. A ____ do well: a worthless person. (4)

15. With six gold medals, who is Britain's all-time most successful Olympian? (3)

17. One of John B Keane's best-known plays. (4)

19. First name of the Minister for the Environment. (4)

20. Which bird used to be portrayed on a 50p piece? (8)

22. Which veteran comedian wields a "tickle stick"? (4)

24. Who is the manager of Liverpool FC? (7)

26. What do you call the short break in a basketball game that can be called by either side? (4,3)

27. Lightning McQueen is the star of which animated film series? (4)


1. Which footballer's 2013 transfer fee is still a world record? (4)

2. Which company is to merge with Paddy Power? (7)

3. Which record company famously turned down the Beatles in 1962, saying "guitar music is on the way out "? (5)

4. Who won a Best Actress Oscar for playing FBI Agent Clarice Starling? (6)

5. Which company made the first VHS video recorder? (1,1,1)

7. A bluebird is the logo of which social network? (7)

10. Which is the biggest listed company on the Irish Stock Exchange? (1,1,1)

11. Julia Roberts won an Oscar for ____ Brockovich. (4)

12. Which European city is regarded as the capital of the world diamond trade? (7)

13. What is the unit of currency in Mexico? (4)

16. Long-haired cow-like animal of central Asia. (3)

17. Which actor/producer played the title role in The Wedding Singer? (7)

18. Which credit card was "your flexible friend"? (6)

21. The _____ system: rigid class structure of India. (5)

23. Snare and kettle are types of what? (4)

25. "Genetic fingerprint" of an individual. (1,1,1)


ACROSS: 1. Schillaci. 8. De Niro. 9. TJ Reid. 10. Falk. 12. Man. 13. SUSI. 16. Dobson. 17. Clough. 18. Edam. 21. Sun. 22. Knot. 24. Norman. 25. I, Robot. 26. Moneygall. DOWN: 2. Clink. 3.Ironman. 4. Luton. 5. Corps. 6. Mega. 7. Bits. 10. Fudge. 11. Libra. 14. U Turn. 15. It Hot. 17. Canning. 19. Dior. 20. Mambo. 21. Synge. 22. Knoll. 23. Oboe.

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