Sunday 24 September 2017

Workers take on new roles

Michael Brennan.

THE scrapping of FAS is complicated. The easiest way to understand it is to look at what is happening to the 2,000 or so staff in FAS. There are three distinct groups:

1) Around 750 FAS career guidance staff have already moved to the Department of Social Protection.

Most of them are still located in their current offices but the ultimate aim is to have them all located in the newly upgraded "one-stop shop" social welfare offices.

They will advise unemployed people what training they require as soon as they apply for dole payments.

2) Around 1,100 people still employed in FAS are trainers and tutors located in 16 FAS training centres around the country.

They will move to the new training organisations – to be known as education training board – being formed from the downsizing of 33 former VECs to just 16.

3) There are also senior FAS managers, who will move to Solas – the new supervisory body, which will be in charge of deciding what training courses will be provided.

It will have no control over the primary and secondary education provided by the 16 former VECs.

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