Sunday 20 April 2014

Whose history is this? Help us put names to faces

From the Archives: This picture was taken at a boys school at an unknown location. The boys are dressed up for a play. Can you help us put a name and place to this picture? Click here to enlarge photograph

Can you help us identify these people?

This image is taken from the archives of Independent News & Media - and we're asking our readers to give us some information on the faces and places featured in each image.

Today's featured image was taken at a boys' school with the pupils dressed up for a play.

Anybody with information can leave us comments below or contact us through the Facebook page.

We hope to feature one image on our website and Facbook page every week - we have plenty to choose from. Some four and a half million to be precise.

“There are over four and a half million photographic negatives owned by Independent News & Media which were donated to the National Library eight years ago," says Michael Hinch,  Editorial Imaging Manager, Independent News & Media.

“These images cover the period from 1913 to 2000 – and capture all aspects of Irish life during that period.

“After 2000, we were able to store such images in our digital archives with the relevant information attached.

“However, in 1913, we didn’t have that option, and we’re hoping our readers can help us with this task.

“Two years ago, we decided to bring out a series of publications called ‘Rolling Back The Years’ which was hugely popular amongst our readers, particularly with the photographs, some of which were never published before.

“For these publications, we went through our photographic archives at the National Photographic Archive (NPC) in Temple Bar.

“During our searches, we came across many historical images with no reference data.

“Now, we are asking you, our readers, to help us fill in the missing data.

“The images that we hope to upload onto and our Facebook page on a weekly basis will feature single people, groups, and crowd scenes from all over Ireland, both north and south.

“Where possible we might be able to provide the location where the picture was taken, and possibly the decade. The rest, however, will have to be filled in by our readers.”

If you think you know who appears in this photograph, please let us know via our communities forum or through our Facebook page.

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