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Tuesday 23 September 2014

Who trapped the rat at Leinster House? Labour TD Humphreys to the rescue

Published 06/05/2014 | 09:33

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'The rat was captured, photographed for posterity and transferred humanely out of the building' Lise Hand writes

Labour TD Kevin Humphreys came to the rescue of his fellow TDs on Friday when he confronted a furry friend in the building and removed it from its new home at Leinster House.

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A few startled TDs let a shriek out as the rodent scuttled down the stairs towards them, but not before Deputy Humphreys and a few of the LH2000 staff captured the rat and took a photo of it, Lise Hand wrote in her Irish Independent column on Saturday.

“Now, while it's not unusual for members of the citizenry or the fourth estate to experience that rodential olfactory sensation known as smelling a rat, when it comes to listening to some of the more suspicious oratory of our elected representatives actually seeing one of the creepy critters is a whole other ballgame,” Hand wrote.

The rat was first spotted last Wednesday scurrying across the polished floors of Leinster House but had stayed in hiding for two days.

A few rats have been climbing out of the sewers as a result of the ongoing Luas works nearby.

TDs have nipped the problem in the bud, however, as a large Rentokil van was seen in the vicinity of the building only a few hours after the incident with the newfound furry friend.

Deputy Humphreys has since spoken about the incident, saying some TDs even took the precaution of tucking their trousers into their shoes.

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