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What the world made of our 'pub court'

Published 09/01/2014 | 02:30

Killaloe District Court was sitting in the Brian Boru on the Hill pub, below, in Ballina, Co Tipperary

THE "pig in the parlour" reared his head in international reports of Jenny Lauren's air rage incident -- but in this instance we may well be accused of asking for it.

The 'New York Post' gleefully described the courtroom setting as "unusual by American standards . . . in a makeshift court in a pub near the airport because there's no courtroom in the area".

Earlier, it said: "Irish cop Yvette Walsh testified that Lauren . . . apparently couldn't understand the officers' brogue."

Fox News was kind enough to explain the situation, albeit erroneously, saying: "While western Ireland has several official court buildings, junior judges often travel roving circuits and hold weekly hearings in different public houses in outlying villages, to make it easier for residents of rural areas to attend." The BBC tweeted: "BBC NEWS -- Jennifer Lauren air rage case heard in pub courthouse."

The 'Daily Mail' was delighted to inform its readers that Lauren sat "only feet away from Guinness and Heineken taps and under switched-off disco lights as her name was called out in the licensed premises".

The 'Daily Telegraph' zoomed in on the incongruous setting in the opening paragraph of the story, saying: "It was perhaps not the most appropriate venue for someone accused of being drunk and disorderly to make a court appearance."

It went on to explain to its readers how she faced charges "in a makeshift court set in a west Ireland country pub".

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