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Sunday 25 June 2017

What ministers are entitled to when they leave

ALL former ministers are entitled to a pension after they leave office. This applies even if they continue in politics -- either as a TD, senator or MEP.

The value of the pension is based on the length of time they served in office and whether they were Cabinet or junior ministers.

As a result, the pensions can range from just a few thousand euro up to almost €100,000.

Last summer, the Government curbed the pensions for sitting politicians.

The current pensions were cut by 25pc.

After the next general election, no sitting TD will be paid a ministerial pension.

TDs will go into the general election knowing they will only be paid a Dail salary if they get re-elected.

To surrender their pension, a TD must write to the Finance Minister, assigning him permission to cease payment and gift the money to the State.

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