Tuesday 22 August 2017

'We heard a couple of blasts' - Residents evacuated as two cars destroyed by early morning fire

Pic via David Whelan
Pic via David Whelan

Cian Murray

Gardaí have launched an investigation today after two cars were destroyed in an early morning fire.

The incident happened in St Joseph's Court in Dublin 7 at approximately 4:00am this morning. The initial blaze spread from one car onto a neighbouring vehicle which was parked in the area.

Both vehicles were hatchbacks, while one of the cars was a Volkswagen. Both were completely destroyed.

Gardaí have confirmed that residents of the cul de sac area were briefly evacuated from their homes due to fears of the fire spreading.

A resident who lives in the cul de sac told Independent.ie: "It happened at around 3:50am. We heard a couple of blasts and went downstairs and saw the fire outside. It spread to the car beside it. I called the fire brigade. It was bizarre.

"It was cleared between 40 minutes and an hour. The people who own the car were out. It was kind of strange as we had just heard about the other car fire on Independent.ie and were saying to each other, 'aren't we lucky living in a cul de sac, it probably wouldn't happened to us.'"

They added: "The family and everyone from the cul de sac were out in the cold watching it happen. I think people were worried about the fire spreading to the house. They removed the cars this morning for investigation."

It is unclear how the blaze started, however Gardaí have confirmed to Independent.ie that they have launched a "criminal damage by fire" investigation.

Pic via David Whelan
Pic via David Whelan

There was a similar incident in the Arbour Hill area of Dublin yesterday morning, however there is no indication that these incidents are linked.

That incident occurred near Palatine Square close to Arbour Hill in the north of Dublin city. The blaze also involved two cars, however the fire also caused some damage in nearby properties, with panes of glass breaking in the windows.

One of the owners of the cars told Independent.ie "Cars just don't burst into flames. The gardai said it could be a mindless act of violence."

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