Monday 21 August 2017

Warning on social media code

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The chair of the Press Council of Ireland has warned that social media is subject to "no regulation or supervision, governmental or otherwise".

Sean Donlon argues social media should devise its own code of practice and support the creation of independent machinery to supervise it.

"This is what the press in Ireland and in most democratic countries have done," he said.

"The alternative is the enactment of legislation to regulate the distribution of news by social media, but this not only has legal problems… but also risks giving governments an unwelcome role in the management and distribution of news."

He warned of a lack of regulation "despite the fact Facebook and Google are now the largest and most influential entities in the world of news business".

Writing in today's Irish Independent, he said: "We in Ireland, a home for many of the social media outlets, must use our influence to persuade them to deal urgently with the problem created by their innovation and enterprise."

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