Tuesday 22 August 2017

Trinity College to offer sexual consent classes for students

Trinity College Dublin
Trinity College Dublin
Catherine Devine

Catherine Devine

Students in Trinity College Dublin will now have the option of receiving sexual consent classes.

From this autumn, anyone who is living at the TCD residences will be invited to attend the classes.

This comes after a survey was carried out in the college back in 2014 and found out that most first years couldn't define what  it means to give sexual consent.

Psychotherapist Trish Murphy is leading the course  which is aimed at helping students avoid "making mistakes they'll later regret".

“We are trying to do is raise awareness and have conversations so that people are really conscious of it," she said.

“So it is at the front of their consciousness before these things happen.

“This is to get everyone talking and talking enough so that it is pre this thing happening rather than post.”

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