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Friday 22 September 2017

State pay for slow learners Croke Park review was flawed

• The implementation body is comprised of a civil service chairman, three senior civil servants and three trade union leaders.

• In Joan Burton's Department of Social Protection, whose budget is €21bn, only €1.7m of non-pay savings were achieved.

• Only four small examples of savings made were "independently verified", and not the entire report.

• Other than through the crude staff exodus, only a fraction of savings claimed are verifiable in the report.

• In Health, out of €238m non-pay savings claimed, actual confirmed savings amounted to just €7m saved in new lab rosters. New rosters in St James's saved €100,000 and €74m in procurement savings, but no breakdown is provided.

• Education non-pay savings of only €20m, and €17m came through shared procurement of services at universities, yet no verification is given

• Once Health and Education are removed, at best just €111m of non-pay savings are achieved across the entire public sector bill of €55bn.

• There is no reform on consultants' pay, the big barrier in Health service.

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