Wednesday 20 September 2017

Shades of green: the battle lines

JOHN Gormley says there will not be enough waste generated to fuel the Poolbeg incinerator -- the ESRI says there will. Mr Gormley plans to introduce a cap or limit on the amount of waste that can be incinerated -- the ESRI says this means legally-binding targets will be missed and fines imposed. If a cap is put in place, it will encourage a switch to other forms of treatment -- the ESRI says it will delay projects and add to the cost of building facilities. The Environment Minister says only waste produced in Dublin should be treated in Poolbeg -- there is no reason for this, says the ESRI. The minister says the amount of household waste being generated is falling because more people are recycling and composting -- the ESRI says waste generated will increase by 4pc a year from 2011 when the economy returns to growth. The Government assumes that up to 70pc of all waste will be recycled -- this is "extremely unlikely to be successful or cost effective". Mr Gormley wants household waste generation to fall from 300kgs to 150kgs by 2020 -- England and Wales have similar targets, but will not achieve them for 20 years, the ESRI says.

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