Saturday 20 December 2014

Seven students in 'scuzz' drugs scare 'lucky to be alive'

By Ken Foy, Luke Byrne and Cormac McQuinn

Published 15/05/2014 | 12:31

During the course of this search a small quantity of suspected LSD / Methamphetamine paper (pending analysis) was recovered. The paper depicts a picture of the comic superhero Captain America.

The seven university students who were hospitalised in the 'scuzz' drugs scare are lucky to be alive, a specialist in public medicine has said.

Professor Joe Barry, a specialist in public health medicine, said this evening: "These young people who took the drugs are lucky to be alive."

The drug is believed to be a combination of LSD, speed and other amphetamines.

Professor Barry said the "dangerous" cocktail is "quite toxic to the heart and the cardiovascular system".

Gardai investigating the ‘scuzz’ drugs scare have arrested a 25-year-old suspect.

Officers made the arrest after raiding a house in Blackrock, south Dublin, late last night.

Senior sources say that officers recovered nine ‘deals’ of the drug.

It is understood that the arrested man had been living with students at the house in Blackrock.

He is suspected of dealing the drug to students in UCD over the past number of days.

Gardai investigating the drugs cocktail have warned that fatalities could occur if the batch is not taken out of circulation.

A garda spokesman could not confirm the numbers hospitalised this morning.

The students union at UCD  took to social networking sites to warn its members about the potential dangers of the drug.

“Several students have been taken into hospital after taking a bad cocktail of drugs that may have included amphetamines and LSD,” a warning from the student union said.

It added: “The gardai are worried that fatalities may occur if this batch is not taken out of circulation.”


It is understood that the students who were hospitalised are in a stable condition and are likely to recover.

A UCD Students’ Union spokesman said that the organisation had heard that two students remain in hospital after taking the drugs but he said the numbers aren’t confirmed.

“We’re on the ground and seeing how prevalent this is amongst the student body. We don’t think this is solely confined to UCD or that this batch of drugs is confined to UCD,” he said.

“These things generally are Dublin-wide or they might be going through the college scene in general,” the spokesman added.

It is feared that there could still be a considerable amount of the drug in circulation and the HSE has been notified a garda spokesman said.

Anyone with concerns or who has any more information on the illegal substance has been urged to call the garda drug unit on 01 666 9200.

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