Friday 22 September 2017

Save up for the morning- after pill

Let's hear it for Senator Catherine Noone, the latest Fine Gael politician to denounce the, eh, mounting incidence of fornication.

In contrast to Michelle Mulherin, the Mayo TD who favours the finger-wagging method, Noone has a more pro-active prescription for national chastity: she believes that the rising demand for the morning-after pill should be thwarted by encouraging chemists to raise the price.

Noone's vision of the pharmacy as a gun shop for devotees of moral rearmament is inspiring but it doesn't go far enough. It's high time chemists stopped pandering to sluts throughout their stores.

They should immediately halt the sale of cosmetics. A virtuous woman doesn't paint herself. And no more perfume, deodorant or soap -- hygiene sends out the wrong message. Instead of sun-tan lotion, meanwhile, they could offer a much more reliable form of protection by selling veils.

Forget Boots, here come the jackboots.

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